16oz Latte
16oz Latte
16oz Latte

16oz Latte

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Makes 1-3 cups of coffee, depending on how much you drink o_o. Same great taste, but just bigger hehe.

Currently available for Cafe Latte, Hazelnut Latte & Caramel Latte!


Want more coffee? Interested in being more sustainable AND saving money? 

Join the Refill Program!

How it works:

PHASE 1 - Starting out

1. Purchase your desired amount of 16oz lattes

2. Recieve your order + enjoy latte

3. Wash bottle & let dry


PHASE 2 - Joining the program

1. Purchase your desired amount of 16oz lattes

2. Leave a note in your cart: "Joining the refill program"

3. On the day of delivery/pickup, please do the following:

3a, pickups: Drop off bottles at the time of order pickup

3b, deliveries: Leave bottles outside/exchange in-person at the time of delivery

4. Once we receive your bottles, you will get a link + password for Refills!


PHASE 3 - You're IN!

1. On your next purchase, we will use the bottles you returned for your new order. 

IMPORTANT: Only purchase for the number of bottles you return! (eg. if you return 2, only buy 2)

2. Exchange bottles with us once again (see 3a, 3b)

3. You will now stay in Phase 3 until otherwise announced! :D


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