ReFill Program

Important: We require that you give us your bottles back, or else we will not be able to give you any refills.


Q: What is the ReFill program?

Essentially, it is an exchange program for our 16oz bottles. It gives the bottles a second, third, fourth, etc, use and helps everyone be more sustainable! 


Q: How does it work?

You must inform us you'd like to join (through the cart notes, or through DM/email)

Every time you place a new order, we will take back your previous 16oz bottles in exchange for your new order (of 16oz Lattes.)

You will then gain access to the Refill Latte, and we will use your returned bottles for your next order. We continue exchanging bottles every time you place a ReFill order. 


Q: How do I join?

To join, you must do the following steps:

1. Complete your first purchase of 16oz Lattes. (quantity up to you)

2. Receive + enjoy your lattes

3. Complete your second purchase of 16oz Lattes (quantity up to you)

4a (pickups): Bring your clean 16oz bottles at the time of pickup, and leave the bottles outside.

4b (deliveries): Leave 16oz bottles outside before we deliver. We will take the bottles and drop off your order at the same spot.

5. You're IN! Now that we have bottles you have returned, you will receive a password that gives you access to the ReFill product!


Q: Does this only work for 16oz bottles?

Yes, the 8oz bottles are not included in this program. This will only work with 16oz Lattes.


Q: What are your safety precautions?

We wash the bottles when we receive it, as well as prior to refilling it with new coffee! Also, the bottles you return are exclusive to YOU only. 

 The bottles you return will only be used for your orders. It will be "your" bottle and we will keep it to the side until your next ReFill order! :)


Q: What if I don't do a refill for a long time?

We will hold on to the bottles you return until you place a new ReFill order! If you plan on opting out of the program, let us know and we will recycle your bottle!


For more questions or inquiries, please do one of the following:

1. Send us a DM @patcocafe 

2. Email us at