Patco Cafe's most frequently asked questions - answered.


Q: Where + when do you deliver?

Friday deliveries (2 - 6pm): North York, Vaughan, South-side Vaughan, West-side Scarborough

Saturday deliveries (2 - 6pm): Etobicoke, West York, Downtown Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton


Q: How do you deliver?

We do contactless drop-offs on your front door/porch/concierge. You'll receive an email when we start our deliveries for the day, but please expect us sometime between 2PM - 6PM! 

We do our best to fulfill your order on the date you choose, but it won't be guaranteed as we try to create the best possible routes.


Q: How much is delivery?

The rates are as follows:

FREE - over $50

$3 - over $25

$5 - $20 to $24.99


Q: When can I pick up my order?

Pickups are available every Friday - Sunday, from 12PM - 3PM. You will be able to pick a date and time in the cart page.


Q: How does pickup work?

Once you've ordered, you'll receive an email with the exact address. Please come within that window! We offer contactless pickup, so your order will be ready for pickup right away.

For some reference, the approximate area is Novo Star Dr & Mavis Rd.


Q: Why can't I proceed to checkout?

The most common issue is because we don't deliver to your area! If that's not the case, please send us a message on Instagram (@patcocafe) or an email at patcocafe@gmail.com


Q: Do you offer vegan or dairy-free options?

Yes! We offer oat milk instead of regular milk. Alternatively, you can get the Cold Brew Concentrate, which is only made from freshly ground beans and water.


Q: Do you take back the bottles?

We only take back 16oz bottles for a ReFill program. Otherwise, we encourage you to reuse your bottles and be creative. You could also recycle it. See: ReFill


Q: Can we collaborate?

Please email patcocafe@gmail.com to pitch your idea! We'll be reviewing them closely to see if your idea is something that would be paired well with the brand :) Thank you to everyone who is interested!


Important: We do not offer refunds for orders that have been sent out. Please reach out to us if you are not satisfied with your order, and we can work through a solution together.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask through our Instagram @patcocafe, or send us an email at patcocafe@gmail.com.