Patco Cafe is an online coffee shop that began as a way to share and connect with others.



All our coffees, lattes and baked goods are baked or brewed the day of purchase. We're committed to using local ingredients, no preservatives, and we do our best to use house-made syrups and flavours.

The Origin of PATCO

The name is derived from the founder's "hidden" first name, Hanna Patricia. In a sense, it was an extension of her creative self. Think of it like this: while "Hanna" studies at some university,, "Patricia" is a barista and a business owner. When the business first started, there was some anxiety of revealing herself to the public, so she used her "other name" as an alias. 

During the planning stages, the business was geared towards Cold Brew, hence the "CO" at the end.



The big question of using plastic vs. glass vs. other materials has always been an issue. We decided to use glass bottles as an effort to create a system of bottle exchanges at Patco. By giving a discount incentive to return your bottles, we give the bottles a second, third, or fourth life. The labels we use are also durable, so as much as possible, we try to reuse them when we can.

Paper cups, or clear plastic cups are nice, but the amount of waste that would go into the landfills would go against what we advocate for.

In other packaging, we use compostable ice cream cups, wooden spoons, and recycled kraft bags. We encourage you to reuse, and recycle whenever possible!

If you have suggestions or ideas on how we can become even more sustainable, please let us know.